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From Language Arts to a Global Outlook
In addition to introducing students to some of the social issues facing our globe, Reading i-Learner places a strong emphasis on the language arts, such as poetry, drama and music. The platform incorporates entertaining materials from popular culture and other contemporary sources, thereby stimulating personal involvement, arousing the interest of learners and creating lasting benefits for learners’ linguistic and cultural knowledge.

From Language Arts to a Global Outlook: Extensive Reading
The primary school age is a critical period for a child’s development. It is at this stage that children are able to acquire a second language most easily. One key element which contributes to their successful acquisition of language skills is extensive reading. i-Learner works hand-in-hand with schools and parents to provide high quality content for primary school students to develop their language skills by reading a wide range of materials.

The i-Learner Approach

48 Levels
Students are placed in one of our 48 content levels according to their ability, and they can move to other levels as they progress.
Enjoyable, Interactive and Game-Inspired Learning
Students learn through enjoyable material, an interactive design and various game-inspired incentive schemes.
Immediate, Meaningful Feedback
Reading i-Learner provides immediate, meaningful and tailored feedback to users.
Teachers’ Centre for Monitoring, Review and Feedback
Reading i-Learner’s Teachers’ Centre facilitates the monitoring and analysis of each student’s progress and gives them comprehensive feedback.

Learning Outputs and Outcomes

  • 30 Hours = 1 School Term
    Spend 30 hours or more on learning authentic English using effective methods (equivalent to one term at school)
  • 208 Authentic Articles = 20 Readers
    Read and listen to 208 carefully chosen authentic articles suitable to users’ learning needs (equivalent to 20 readers)
  • 1,200 6-Skill exercises
    Complete 1,200 or more 6-skill exercises (comprehension, vocabulary, listening, grammar, speaking and writing)
    Significant Improvement in English Proficiency
  • 10.2% increase in average mark for users who have completed more than 50 exercises
  • 15.7% increase in average mark for users who have completed more than 100 exercises

Reading i-Learner for the Classroom

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Your Learning Consultants

We have been working with schools since 2005. Our wealth of experience has taught us the importance of listening to the needs of teachers, parents and students. Each school is served by a designated education consultant who:

  • - works hand-in-hand with English teachers to ensure active participation and fruitful learning results
  • - takes care of all administrative chores, from reports to replying to enquiries from parents and students





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