i-Learner provides professional teaching and learning programmes to help students improve their writing skills.

Writing Courses Offered by i-Learner

1. Preschool English

Course Focuses: reading, speaking and writing
Course Level: Kindergarten

Preschool education at i-Learner is based on a six-level language curriculum that focuses on the child’s cognitive development. In this course, children acquire skills in phonics, reading and writing. Motor, social and psychological skill development is also encouraged through carefully designed activities.

Kindergarten, a word invented by famous German educator Froebel, means play and activities. Froebel believed in the unique needs of preschool students. The importance of play and well-designed activities has been advocated by later educators like Jean Piaget and now i-Learner’s teachers. The curriculum builds heavily on games, phonics, storytelling, reading and writing. Our integrated approach guides students towards language competence as well becoming curious, creative and imaginative learners.

2. Love to Write

Course Focus: writing
Course Levels: kindergarten, primary school and secondary school

Our Love to Write curriculum is designed to encourage students to enjoy writing in English. The course aims to enhance students’ English writing skills, nurture students’ creativity, and help students to develop into confident writers.

Love to Write is divided into ten levels, spanning K3 to Form 4. At lower levels, Love to Write students learn to transfer their creative thoughts onto the page in a coherent manner. As students progress through primary school, they learn advanced writing skills and enrich their vocabulary and grammar by engaging with practical writing topics. Finally, secondary level students are introduced to more sophisticated writing techniques, which they can apply to their secondary school assignments.

Love to Write teaches students to express themselves in a rich variety of creative and practical ways. The course exposes students to a variety of genres and writing styles. By the end of the course, students are expected to become effective and confident writers, who not only excel at school but who also have developed a passion for writing.

3. Love to Read

Course Focuses: writing and reading
Course Levels: primary school and secondary school

Love to Read helps students to develop an interest in English books and a lifelong habit of reading. The course also boosts their confidence in reading and enables them to acquire the reading skills that they need for academic success.

The course has seven levels spanning Primary 1 to Form 1, and is especially useful for students who have yet to discover the joy of reading. The course has been developed and carefully designed with a step-by-step approach focusing on the fun and interactive aspects of reading English books.

During the course, students will learn to love books while strengthening their comprehension skills and building their reading confidence. Students will be able to apply what they learn to the reading exercises and books that they encounter at school.

4. Critical Reading and Writing

Course Focuses: writing and reading
Course Levels: kindergarten, primary school and secondary school

Our ten-level Critical Reading and Writing course equips students from K3 to S3 with lifelong skills that extend beyond the classroom. Our experienced teachers and carefully crafted curriculum help students develop critical thinking skills that enable them to become well-rounded, independent learners.

The course focuses on cultivating an appreciation of the beauty of the English language. Students study at least one novel per term and learn how to craft eloquent personal responses to the texts they encounter. The course has a strong focus on critical thinking cultivation, especially independent thinking and creative thinking.

Online Learning Programmes

1. Reading i-Learner
Programme Focuses: reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary
Levels: kindergarten, primary school and secondary school
Adopted by more than 300 schools in Hong Kong and Macau, Reading i-Learner is a powerful tool for enhancing students’ performance in all language skills. 208 reading and listening passages with questions are provided to students throughout the year. Users are encouraged to submit a piece of writing each week and feedback is provided by our experienced teachers.
2. Vocabulary i-Learner
Programme Focuses: vocabulary, reading, writing and listening
Levels: preschool to secondary 2
Good writers manage to use vocabulary precisely in their compositions. Vocabulary i-Learner helps students to master words taught in each key stage. After going through a vocabulary chapter, users will be able to understand the words, spell them correctly and apply them accurately in context.
3. Grammar i-Learner
Programme Focuses: grammar and writing
Levels: primary 4 to secondary 6
Grammar i-Learner contains 250 sets of teaching notes and 5000 practice questions. The automatic revision feature tracks the incorrect responses of each user, making the process of self-learning highly individualised and effective. With daily grammar topics and exercises, this programme equips students with practical grammar skills and sentence patterns that can be used in everyday writing.
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